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May 03, 2007



Wait - isn't Brooke dating Mr. Boston???? I'm so confused by that girl spreading her lips (and god knows what else, don't really want to dwell on it) for every man she meets....

Although, to be fair, I've only seen footage of her kissing Flav and Mr. Boston, and now this random tool - so perhaps I'm being led astray by a media spin. I hope so.

Jessica Smith

You and your website are incredible.


Your blog makes me laugh uncontrollably while I'm at my desk and I really appreciate that(although it breaks up the silence and disturbs my coworkers). I agree that Becky looks really pretty when she has her mouth closed. It's amazing, she really has a Dr.Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing going on.


True about Becky. In some shots she's goofy looking, and in others she's kinda sexy. I keep thinking some subtle plastic surgery might reduce the former and increase the latter, but I'm at a loss to figure out just what procedures that would be...

Still, excellent recap as always, GNC!


I like the courage black women have, I could see many photos in here and I can sat that all of them are incredible, I like to see those black women getting into troubles.

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