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May 09, 2007



Much like you have suspended your disbelief in the illusion of true growth as a result of this "Charm School" you may want to consider suspending your disbelief in Larissa's attitude being worthy of taking seriously. On a personal level, her hating has consistently provided immesurable (sp?) entertainment. It's like watching an angry stand up comic; whether it's real or not isn't the point: the point is that it is hilarious. She's like a roid raging midget.


Schatar scares me.

I consoled myself through Larissa's bitchery by telling myself "You know what? The first chance Mo gets to eliminate her, her ass is SO gone." Maybe it will help you?

Catherine Cantieri

The thing is, Dave, I don't find Larissa entertaining or hilarious at all; I find her draining and pathetic. I'd much prefer watching the antics of Schatar, Brooke, Courtney, Darra, Becky, etc. without this screaming harpy around to pester them. It's like a nutty comedy is taking place, but it keeps getting interrupted by a toddler flinging shit at everyone.

And PoliVamp, I'm not so sure Larissa will be gone too soon. I think Mo sees her as a project, a mission, a quest ... a mini-me. But damn, I hope you're right.


EXCELLENT comments on Larissa - she is the biggest hater (Gollum with the Ring - HA!). Leilene showed a lot of class by not whooping her @ss.


I also agree with what you said about Larissa just interrupting the otherwise amusing proceedings. Also loved your imagined dialogue for her - brilliant as always, Catherine!

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