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May 16, 2007



Catherine - You're absolutely right about this turning into a free for all. It's still fun to watch (who doesn't love a hot mess?), but I wish the challenges would actually teach these women something useful. For one thing, shouldn't "Charm School" teach the women not to swear so much? I'm just sayin' ... (mutha, mutha, mutha!)


"Praise Jesus" back bend,LOL. I love that... maybe because I do it myself consciously and subconsciously. Sometimes it's all you muster,lol.

Catherine Cantieri

Kim: I totally agree; I think you could probably raise $50K just by having a "swear jar" on set.


Cool idea ... how "Hot Fuzz" of you! One more thing, to further support your examples of what a hypocrite Larissa is about Leilene's perceived lack of morals, I give you two of "Bootz's" most famous quotes:

"If I was a ho, I'd be a top dollar ho."
"He told me to entertain them. Nothing's more entertaining than my booty dance.

Grrrr ... arrrrgggh.

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