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May 23, 2007



I'm so disappointed that Shay and Larissa got away with their lameass scheme. I guess Schatar had it coming, but I really thought Darra was a contender to win, or at least be part of the final 3 - she's good people and didn't deserve to be dragged down with The Little Mermaid. Should be fun to see NY go up against Brooke AND Becky (and hopefully, as you say, this will be the rope that will finally hang Larissa) next week, though! Do you think they're setting this up for Saaphyri to win? I can't believe she's managed to hang in this long. She did some impressive stuff in the first few episodes, but like you, she's losing me with her bad attitude mixed with periods of self pity. It's hard to feel sorry for someone who says they're poor, but has $800 hair, honey.

Catherine Cantieri

Personally, I think Leilene is getting the winner's edit. We haven't seen her say one unpleasant thing about anybody, whereas Saaphyri can approach Shayrissa levels of hate sometimes. I'd be okay with a Leilene win. I will, however, set something on fire if Larissa wins.


I actually teared up a bit during this episode. The Saaphyri stuff at the store was a bit heart wrenching, although, like you, she lost me with the fat stuff on Darra. I did understand a bit of where it was coming from, but still....

I'm liking Leilene more and more, and Becky also. I loved Becky during that challenge and how she was so supportive of Saaphyri - it did my cynical heart some good.


I don't want to hurt anybody opinion or like for this show, but how can you watch something like this? is like to watch jersey shore, what is the big deal with see a TV show that the only thing that protagonist can make, is be a pack of drunks, and boastful, totally ilogical.

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