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May 03, 2007



Yeah, I don't get Dr. Boogie, and he hasn't impressed me. He's all talk. Tabatha rocks! Also, what's with describing the different eye colors? Just wondering. It's cute, but I don't get it. Hm, I wonder if eye color correlates with mental stability.

Anyway, great recap!


Your eye color bit cracked me up. Windows to the soul and all that (exhibit A: Evangelin's eye color.) Does your tv have a friend or sibling to set me up with?

And, yes, Boogie's dead to me after that evil clipper cut. He can still talk, and I'll still be amused, but I'll be laughing at a voice from the other side. (I can't imagine that he's not a goner in the next episode or two.)

Catherine Cantieri

Marius: the eye color bit was because I now have an enormous TV in the family room (65" -- which is how tall my best friend is, for reference), so I can actually see what color everybody's eyes are. Like I said, it delights me to be able to do that. I'm really a very simple mammal who likes large, bright, shiny things.


Woman, I LOVE that you said, "If you're gonna be a bear, best be a grizzly"! Frankly, I think we should be putting it on t-shirts for all our JPWVP friends. Just a thought...


Fun blog! I just realised how fun this show is after watching the Vanessa Williams challenge for the second time. LOVIN IT! So I went blog hunting to soothe my schadenfreude heart.

Tabatha and Danna and Anthony are awesome. The Aussie and the South African and the Brit ... all so laid back yet so ironic.

I'll be back!


Ah, it all makes sense now. Sorry, I'm a little slow. I envy you; I really want your new TV. By the way, I clicked on some of the ads on your blog.


dang i wish i had an awesome tv like that!! This show rules...I like Tabatha, too. I've been hearing a lot about the show lately cuz I work with Conde Nast and there is a sweepstakes going on. You and a friend could win a 2-night trip to NYC,a shear genius haircut, a complete makeover and a $500 shopping spree! It free to enter: http://condenast.eprize.net/alluresheargenius/?affiliate id=1d. Good luck!!!

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