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June 13, 2007



Okay everyone (or the 3 of you who watched "Arrested Development"), I have to ask: was it just me, or was Brooke totally channeling Kitty? "SPRING BREAK! WOOOO HOOO!" Or as Flav would say: "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ..."

Catherine Cantieri

Oh, Kim, you've just singlehandedly redeemed the end of this episode! There we go: Brooke IS Kitty Sanchez. "And you can say goodbye to these!" Excellent work.


"Note what Leilene is wearing as she comes down the stairs; I think she had already dressed for the prom in a front-closure frock from the Center Pole Collection."

I... I think I love you.

Thank you for watching this so I can hold my head up and honestly say that I don't. (I save my shame for other things, really. I just don't have any to spare for this.) ::searches for another showing of "My Super Sweet Sixteen"::


I know that no one has the time to point out everything that is wrong with this show, but this one really bothered me. So there was a huge ice sculpture at the "prom" that clearly enabled you to take shots from it. So why does everyone seem so shocked that Brooke used it? Mo even asks, "Where is he taking her?" I wonder what other bait they had laying around. Baskets of massage oil and condoms anyone?


I really, really felt bad for Brooke here. Whore is not a word that is to be used slightly, and Keith and Mo both crossed the line.

I also thought the end with Brooke flashing looked a little staged, so I don't hold that against her. Poor girl, I hope she takes Nikki's advice and works on connecting at an emotional level.

So, of my picks for top 3, only Leilene is still in it (the others being Brooke and Darra). Ah well, at least Becky is still in it also.


Hey girl, don't forget to watch the pineapple-ice-shot again. The face that the sandbagger makes when she does the shot is HY-STER-ICAL! And I don't think it was THAT she used it, but HOW she used it--grasping it desperately, around the (dare I say it?) hips, deep throating the shooter spout & she still continued while he spewed filthy-talk at her from his pie hole. It was a combo package resulting in a bemused smile & a shake of the head.
If you were in her place at that second, TELL me you wouldn't have let the shot hit you in the shoulder while you flayed him with your shoe?! Riiiiiight. There you go.

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