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June 01, 2007



Loved. It. Lots. Tons. Can't say enough good things. And I totally agree about the camaraderie thing - it worked and was touching and a beautiful thing in a reality competition. I felt almost the same way when Yul won survivor (although he was the clear winner, I wouldn't have had a problem with either of the other two winning. Although I didn't like Ozzy, he certainly played a good game. But I digress...)

And speaking of digressing, did you see the ads for a Top Chef 1&2 competition, with I think the final four from each season??? I'm actually looking forward to the return of Tiffani - season 2 left such a bad taste in my mouth. We'll see how that goes!


I am with you 100% on this show. I'm so pissed that I'm overseas visiting in-laws and missed the finale. I thought Shear Genius was the only reality show with true class, even though I was made Tyson got cut earlier than he should have. After liking Top Design, I still find Shear Genius much more humane and uplifting. Maybe hairdressers are inherently more fun than interior designers. Wouldn't you rather party with Evangeline, Theodore, Ben, Boogie or Daisy, before you'd want to party with Michael (oh yuck!), Andrea (snore), Goil (um, what the Hell?), or Matt (snot)?

Your website has been a great joy to me and my family for the last few months, though. Please keep up the good work and blog us all the way through the end of Charm School, I Love New York 2, Top Chef, and beyond!



Poor Daisy... I could see telling the story the evolution of the curl, but she needed to commit to it. She should have totally marcelled that first model, not just aim for one s-shaped bump. And that third one scared the hell outta me, and not just the hair, the face was frightening. Nope, Daisy got ousted and she deserved to, but I'd still choose her to do my hair of the three.


That updo looks like something my cat coughed up this weekend. Now, if you're going to be a hairdresser, WHY would you choose to specialize in MALL HAIR? I'm lost. But if I had to choose, I'd be on Daisy's train. That spooky nest does need some bangs though. Unless she was going for the intense clairvoyant look. (get her out of my head!) GAH!


where can I learn how to do the "Kwan Cut"

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