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June 12, 2007



Great analysis of a flawed film. I agree completely, Angelina Jolie is what made the film and she was absolutely perfect for the role.You should check out the Tomb Raider games some time, it is great fun and that same spirit of fun and adventure is present there, with a lot of the same jokes played on the 'fanboys'! Jolie's shower scene is actually a call back to the ending of the Tomb Raider II game where the slavering target audience are locked out of Lara's bathroom! Sadly the game creators did get caught up in the publicity and getting her put on magazine covers semi-nude, which was a big mistake, but on the other hand the original creator of Lara Croft left the game series in disgust when they did that coming back with the latest two games (as detailed in the DVD documentary that comes with the latest Tomb Raider game, Tomb Raider:Anniversary). That same documentary (and the DVD to the first film) sadly focuses on the marketeers, company managers and producers puriently slavering over what a fine looking woman Lara is, but sadly that's the kind of reaction that might be expected of them!

I can't think of a more appropriate actress to play Lara Croft than Angelina Jolie (maybe Monica Belluci, but I couldn't imagine Belluci without her French accent and with a cut-glass English one instead) - however it just makes it more upsetting that she was let down in both films (and I agree I didn't think there could be much worse than the first until I saw Jan De Bont's poor effort!).


Love this post! Guaranteed for life I will think of you whenever I see Jolie smile! Very astutely observed.


You are right. You could kick that guys butt. Have you noticed the correlation between Lara's men & Jolie's men? " absent (daddy), distant (hubby), missing-presumed-dead(exes) or just kinda doofy (brother). Makes sense she was perfect for the role. Even though she doesn't actually adopt onscreen. Ponder that, Pinkie.

Nathaniel R

This was hilarious.

highlarious. the sideboob. LOL.

i love Angie but it's been hard to remember that with the lack of films i've been interested in. But this reminded me of her natural charisma.


I liked Tomb Raider, but I have to admit, I've gotten tired of Angelina Jolie in recent years. I think the media over-exposed her and she seemed to get distracted by a lot of political crusades that she feels strongly about but doesn't understand very well. I've always wanted to believe her to be intelligent, and that was part of her sexiness from the beginning. But then when they interview her about African orphanages, Vietnamese adoptions, Russian media censorship and refugees in the Middle East -- all stuff she has tried to make a big statement on -- her responses get shallower and shallower, until now she seems to speak in fortune-cookie maxims. If she could pick some cause and focus fully on it instead of being so overextended, maybe that wouldn't happen. Unfortunately, I'm not alone in my reaction, as a lot of Jolie's fan base is feeling bewildered, and in some cases annoyed, by what has come across as her preaching. She and Brad just aren't as smart as Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, so they should stick to looking pretty and give money to foundations that can finance researchers and advocates who actually have the time to look into these issues.


I love the games and I think she was perfect for the part. Believe it or not, I totally forgot that Daniel Craig was in that movie!

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