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June 26, 2007



Adorable! I've forwarded the "anguished English" cat outfit site to everyone I know. I wonder if my beagle would like a "frog transformation set"?


p.s. sorry for the 2 comments, but one more thing - is it just me, or does the Anne of Green Gables costume look more like Johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean". Very swashbuckly!


I have to buy some clothes for my cat now. Looking at kitties in adorable clothes looking completely pissed off is so much fun.

This website apparently took the pictures from the Japanese website and made some very cute stories out of it. Let's all go to cattown!



The ENGLISH VERSION made me laugh too much. May lose bladder control. I'll have to read it in depth later. Once again I bow to your supreme cheeziness.


My male cats, actually, are the ones that would be more likely to tolerate this sort of humiliation...momentarily. One of the females is too skittish and the other is too feisty.
My little female dachshund, however, loves to wear clothes!


OH my cats would hate me for this.

Makes me want to do it that much more.


omg, how cute!


I was awokent eh other morning by a sound that sounded like a childs scream, I looked out of the window and there was no one there, I got back into bed and was just dropping off when I heard the same noise again, I realised this was in the bedroom our cat had got a frog cornered, I retreived it, ran it umder the tap because it was a bit dry and found a safe place in the garden to release it, the frog did not attempt to jump out of my hand until I fully opened my palm, I have never heard a frog scream in my life before and it made my day to have saved it.

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