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July 21, 2007




WHAT would I do without you.

I can't quite bear to actually watch this mess, but with your "Cliff Notes" I can now pause the clicker with confidence, breathe in the fumes, and appreciate whatever whiff of skank I'm catching...

Because I'm sure they're contagious even through the teevee box.


Love it! And I'm slightly nauseated from the clips and that last still!! I loved that "Raven" had to make sure she pronounced that G in poignant!! Hilarious!
I have to agree with StinkyLulu though, I hope you are wearing some sort of protective garment when you watch this show. It seems like "Southside Booty" might be contagious! ;)


Hey, you were right about Brandi C.! She is a porn star.



Jes is awesome ... I hope she stays around. She's one of "us" and has the best expressions at the stupidity going on around her. She's the cute, smart, funny one in a batch of the most skanky women ever seen on TV. Are you going to start paraphrasing your Flavor Flav "the skanks (and Jes)"?


I swore I wasn't going to watch this one, but I got drawn in. And I love it, even though I feel a little bit like I need to take a shower every time Bret says something turns him on (which is to say, often).

My faves currently are Jes, Rodeo, and Dallas (love the way she pushes Lacey's buttons). My least fave is Heather - she was a total gossiping witch in last night's episode, and I can't understand how Bret think she's a good friend. Ugh.


Holy Crap! Just read on the VH1 website that Tiffany is an RN. Think about that for awhile, eh????

Crazy - wonder if she asks her patients if they are ready for a good time when she comes in with the meds?


What the hell is that programme? Looks like utter shit.


Damn, I wish I had thought of that digging my knuckles into my boobs move like that skank at the top when I was trying to get guys to notice me back in the day. I suppose I could do it now and make my man think I've lost what was left of my mind. Because I'm pretty sure it will amuse rather than excite him.
I am shocked to be able to say this, but those chicks are even more whore-y looking than the Flavor of Love skanks were!

oz cobblepot

Tiffany's totally fucked, but hey, she's got the curves and its great sex TV yea?

Oz Cobblepot

Lol, answering Jo, its called "Rock of Love" I watched it for the 1st time on TV tonite. Had nothin better to do and was feeling a bit braindead. Felt a bit envious of the guy gettin all those chicks, but then again, that's the sorta dude chicks go for. Lotsa money, artificial Barbi/Ken Hollywood looks and shit for brains.

Oz Cobblepot

RN eh?(lol) Hey Mindi, she can check my prostate anytime!!

Oz Cobblepot

I'm gonna catch the rest of this shit on You Tube. Like I said, I'm feelin a li'l braindead.

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