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July 08, 2007



Catherine - I hope you feel better soon ... summer colds are horrible! Thank you for rousing yourself to share this amusing (as always) recap. I can't wait for "Rock of Love" ... it looks like a bigger train wreck than all of the Flav shows put together. Did you see the casting show? Who ARE these people, and how did they find women who make the Flavor of Love girls look positively fresh, urbane and sophisticated? Yeeeeesh.


Looking forward to Rock of Love and to your recap of the Charm School Reunion.


GNC, I'm going to miss these recaps, girl. I'm surprised you didn't notice Saphaari's magical reappearing koolaid weave, but maybe it wasn't noteworthy.

I sure hope you're gonna take on the Bret Michaels White Trash Waltz i it's going to be trashtastic...


Are you really recapping Rock of Love? Oh, that is wonderful and it gives me something to look forward to.

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