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July 25, 2007



I wonder if Rodeo gets her ensembles from The Hottie Collection? That double tailed, backless number totally screamed Schatar to me. I wonder if she has a mylar cutout dress too?


I love the shot of the "doctor"!

Rodeo's like a tea kettle in a cowboy hat. I didn't think anyone could be trashier than the Flavor of Love gals but this group could take the gold in the Skank Olympics.


I live for your recaps. The line about the detox center was my favorite!


try www.veoh.com as a video hosting site. the video quality is excellent. I think you might have to download the site's free software.


Good...sweeet...Lord! I wasn't sure if I was seeing VH-1 or the Playboy Channel's Skankiest Sluts. I didn't know VH-1 had found a replacement for Flav. Gad...Bret Michaels has just lost respect in my book. But I must view this train wreck while mourning the lowering my opinion of him on the idol meter.


What a fantastic recap site! So glad I found you.


The mere fact that you used kerfluffle in a sentence and did not sound like my grandmother made this skank fest recap worth reading.


you are the shit!! thanx 4 the laughs.

get rid of tonsil stones

This was by far my favorite season of Rock of Love, and it was great to come back and read an episode all over again. Your commentary was hilarious.

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