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July 16, 2007



Oh man, I'm SO happy that you're posting ... better late than never! It wouldn't be the same without an I Am Screaming & Punching Myself recap! I just watched it online (here in Toronto, we are now THREE shows behind you lucky American folks - we're only up to Flavor of Love 2!), and I thought it was UN-fricking-believable. Skantastic, my friends, truly skanktastic. Conspiracy theory: are all women named Tiffany destined to become breakout reality stars? She's scary, but as entertaining as Tiffany/New York. I watched most of the episode like I was watching a horror movie, peeking through my fingers. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


Aw, crap.
Small bands just trying to get attention in the beginning can get away with it - and it's cute in some way, but Brett Slimey Michaels wearing a shirt with his face on it?
On the other hand, I'm just sinking deeper into a swamp here... he needs to remind people nowadays of who he is more than an unknown musician has to.

The picture on his shirt, that I gotta find somewhere and see... they must have used all filter options on Photoshop for that one.


SOOOOOOO excited that you are posting on the crazy show. Who would have thought they would have found skankier girls than that had on FOL?!?!? Can't wait for your post!! I'm so HOOKED on your site.


more than five of us- i stalk you religiously when i should be writing my dissertation. second best part of the photo? the cranky lookin' security guard/cuckolded boyfriend type in the back.

oh and the grossness that is this show. makes me sad that i got rid of cable.


I am so happy that you're going to do recaps for this!

Am I number five?! How exciting! ;)

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