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July 26, 2007



Paula really is a train wreck. I'm pretty sure she's addicted to prescription pain killers but something about her makes me suspect there may be a little coke mixed in there, and I'm not talking the soft drink.


Check out clips of her from the Dr. Phil special that aired last year where she wonders why she can't get a man. It's 30 minutes of meltdown.


Thanks for this recap. I tried to watch the show but had to look away, really, it was so scarring to sit through any of it. The worst part of _Hey Paula_ was its timeless metaphorical value, since Paula Abdul is a symbol of the worst character traits we have to war against in ourselves, and finally avoid outright in others.

Paula's show unpleasantly reminded me of the most annoying people I've had to cut out of my life recently: snarky colleagues, self-important students, and of course, that annoying friend everyone has who takes a long time to get rid of. There'sa rampant American epidemic of selfishness and dissipation that Paula Abdul crystallizes. It's painful to watch and painful to suffer in real time.

The best we can all do is be on guard against any whiffs of self-important disregard for others in ourselves. Otherwise, we too will be letting out brain farts in national interviews and crying about some retail agent not giving us free pendants.



SNAP! Double check that last pic--when did she turn into Steven Tyler? What the? If that won't make a girl check-in to an "assistance facility" nothing will. God bless!

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