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August 02, 2007



Wait, wait, you forgot the best exchange of the night:

Brandi: What is that that you're wearing?

Rodea: It's "Beautiful" by Estee Lauder.

Brandi: Smells musty.


That song was pure beauty and so filled with truth! If Bret read it he would feel threatened...not to mention insulted. I, however, laughed.
I don't hate Bret enough to feel that he deserves to end up with Lacey, the way I was starting to feel that Flav deserved to end up with New York, but he and Heather definitely deserve each other for some heavy skank on skank action. Which I happily will never be a part of.


... and please god may I never be a witness to the above noted skank on skank action.

Thanks as always for a lovely recap. You never fail to catch the finer points that I sometimes miss, but I hope for your sake that doesn't mean that you have to watch these episodes over and over again. Sanity, and all.

To think, I actually liked Lacey initially. What a freaking bitch. Don't blame Dallas a bit for her walk off, and thought she was classier than most of the broads there. Except for the whole puppy throat slitting thing. I really hope that she was just baiting Lacey.

Catherine Cantieri

LeeLee: I was unsure if Brandi was saying "musty" or "musky" so I actually went to the perfume counter and smelled Beautiful.

I'm still not sure. Could be either one! But that was a great bit of interaction, wasn't it?


All I can think about is your comment from a week ago about Dallas looking like Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America". HILARIOUS!

p.s. Is it just me, or does Jes look like Nelly Furtado?


One more thing. Don't the "drawings" the "A-Team" produce look like they were drawn by Rita, the MRF from "Arrested Development"? Next thing you know, they're going to want to walk across the ocean.


Does he OR doesn't he? Does he wear a friggin wig or what? It certainly looked that way at the last supper he and Jes shared. The hair at the top of his head looked like strands of polyester!

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