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August 15, 2007



Hope everything goes well.
Take care. ;)

Dr. Beevomit

Truth be told, your writing has seemed at least as fresh and entertaining (if not more so) for your Rock of Love work than when you first started. My wife and I would look forward to reading your recaps of Rock of Love perhaps even more than viewing the editors' delectable machinations the first time around. We always found at least three lines that made us laugh out loud (and not just in the faux online sense, but with audible chuckles, at least). Suffice it to say that I think your keen eye and uproariously acerbic wit made that show actually *worth* watching (did I just say that a VH1 show was really worth watching?).

Nevertheless, I know just what it feels like to be burned out and to need a break. I was wondering how long your recapful genius was going to be able to hold out, and I'm impressed that you've been able to blog with such high quality for this long. I hope the rest and respite helps calm your nerves, and I'm sure there are more than just 12 of us who eagerly anticipate the return of your refreshed muse :)


No, screaming and punching, don't go. I love your blog; you speak the word of truth. Rock of Love, along with the Flavor Flav franchise, is a true diamond in the rough - for those who can see.

I have a link to your blog on mine. Would love your comments.

Rock on, screaming and punching.


Aw we'll miss you! I understand the needing to take a break though. I have to say I agree with Dr. Beevomit and I think that the writing has been great lately. Take care of yourself and we'll look forward to seeing you back here soon!



Well... if you must. As a blogger myself, who in recent months has started slacking big time due to a busy schedule and that whole "feeling like homework" thing, I totes understand.

Of course, your 12 readers are going to be MUCH more upset than my 7 ever are. :-)

Here's hoping the next month goes by quickly!


I'm SO disappointed, being an obsessive reader of your blog, but I was wondering how you did it, as it always seemed like you put a ton of thought and effort (and huge doses of inimitable wit) into every post. I haven't seen any reduction in the quality of your posts, BTW (your one off Showgirls post was pure genius). Enjoy your hiatus, and PLEASE be back for the next NY/Flav fiasco ... the blogosphere needs you!



I feel much sadness with your departure. I alway justified my watching of Flavor of Love and its various spinoffs with the reading of your blog.

I will feel lost for a while but I will recover. I hope you recover too.

Keep being awesome.



That's a bummer, cuz you're a great writer. I understand the recooping is needed though...
: )


You're now forcing me to upgrade my cable to get VH1?

I totally get where you're coming from, though. Enjoy some much needed R&R and your very fae "hiatus" will hopefully revitalize you.


Awwww... I will miss reading your blog desperately, but I understand the need for a break. (Insert your own "We were on a break" joke here.) I certainly haven't noticed any decreased quality in your posting, just decreased frequency.

Now you just need to appoint someone snarky enough to finish the ROL season off for those of us who have become addicted to the show thanks to you....

Many blessings, and I hope that you come back soon renewed and refreshed!


What everyone else said...plus we've gotta get together and watch "Showgirls" sometime!


I understand the need to take a break, but I will dreadfully miss you during that time. I hope you come back to blog, because, as has already been said, I love your wit and writing.

Peace and good luck!


I hear ya. You deserve a break. We'll try to survive without you. It conerns me that you may decide not to write on a regular basis, but I understand; I'm sure you have other matters to attend to.


But...but I just found you! Noooooooo! I was SO excited that someone found Rock of Love so disgusting, yet endlessly fascinating!

Hmmph. Well, good luck and take care!


I will miss your blog. I actually logged in to an internet cafe in Athens to read your next Rock of Love recap. Now that's devotion! Or insanity, but anyway it means that I very much enjoy your blog. Totally understand the need for a break though - best wishes on your vacation. I look forward to the day you return.


I know what you mean. I really do feel like my blogging is a second job a lot of the time. But you do a much better job than I do! I'll anticipate your return!


Fair enough, GNC. Get yourself well rested, I hear Flavor Flav is back to looking for lurve in all the wrong skanks.


Long-time reader, first-time commenter -- love your stuff. Enjoy your break and come back!


This sucks. How dare you stop blogging? We all love you.


Take care of yourself, sweetie.


This is sad:[

I've been reading your blog religiously since Flavor of Love number one. What am i supposed to do with Flavor of Love three coming out?! And I Love NY two?! Oh, i'm at a loss..



Here's the thing. I have a 8 month old infant, a crappy television set and limited cable options. So, YOU ARE MY SOURCE OF ENTERTAINMENT. Life is not fair.

Seriously, get your juju, drink kava and do whatever else you need to do. We will be here when you return.

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