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October 03, 2007


Patrick Pricken

So, as a German who's only reading along: Why won't Sarah win?

Catherine Cantieri

Willkommen! The reason Sarah won't win is that, no matter how much Tyra says that she wants a plus-size-model winner, for eight seasons now, the winner has been a size 2 or smaller. No matter how beautiful the larger girls may be, they're doomed from the start. But thanks for reading!

Patrick Pricken

So you're saying the girl above is "plus size"? Ye gawds.

Dr. Beevomit

If you can't see a woman's clavicles and/or rib bones protruding through the skin, then yes, she's plus-sized. Sick, isn't it?

You definitely called Kimberly's ouster, and it certainly seems like Lisa (the "exotic dancer" who somehow manages *not* to remind everyone of her occupation with her skankalicious attire and attitude, unlike, say, RoL's Heather) is the gal to beat. Kudos to you for calling out what I'd always translated in my mind as "Ausberger's syndrome" - which is basically autism without the communication deficits. Every time Heather would mispronounce her own disorder (again, which is *not* marked by communication deficits), I had to yell at the TV, "It's ASPERGER'S, dammit!" My wife now duct tapes my mouth when we watch. Now that I have the transliteration "Ozburgers", my money's on Munchkin burgers.

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