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October 11, 2007


JDC Wigs

I would like to point out that many if not most of the models on ANTM or any other celebrity with fantastic, lush thick long hair is most likely wearing a lace wig. In fact most women (and men) on television or movies are wearing lace wigs.

There are some factors to consider to get your most "natural" look out of a lace wig . 1. Decide the lace color that works best for you. http://www.jdcwigs.com/lace-color-help 2. For your first lace wig choose a natural hair color for yourself. If you are naturally a brunette, dont choose a blond wig if you want to feel "natural" 3. Texture... If you want sliky straight white girl hair, you can order chinese remy. This can look great, but you will likely want to get a YAKI texture for your first wig. This will create a texture of a relaxed natural hair, but will probably be a little be shiner and softer than your actual hair. http://www.jdcwigs.com/lace-wig-hair-texture 4. APPLICATION - make sure you give yourself a few hours for your first attempt to apply your lace wig, and having a girlfriend handy to help can make it a bit easier too. You wont need someone everytime, but it takes some practice to perfect. Also, choose a high quality lace wig adhesive like ULTRA HOLD or PRO FLEX tape http://jdcwigs.com/how-to-attach-wig Thanks again and I hope this helps out more lace wig Newbies out there!



Do not buy anything from JDC Wigs they are scammers and crooks. The owner is named Jackie Edwards and she will take your money and run. Do not be misled by the low prices!
Once you place an order you will never see it, nor will JDC contact you about it. They are liars and theives! The Better Business Bureau will not offer much assistance or do anything except contact the business about a complaint. All those who've been scammed by JDC should file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, an agency that is an affliate of the FBI.

d. risher

I ordered a custom lace wig on june 29th from this co,jdcwigs.it is now oct.23 and i have yet to hear from them.when I try calling the number is no longer available and the comments section of their page doesn,t respond,,There should be something that can be done about scams such as this one.any help and suggestions would be helpful.Thanks


I think the hair is on point!! Some have on lace wigs.





Oh and they are not like jdcwigs at all. I got my wig last week its the tracy wig.



if you have a complaint on jdcwigs.com - contact the states attorney's office in washington state.

i made complaints to them about jdc wigs and today, they made the owner remove the site. and, the owner has agreed to return the funds of anyone who has made or who makes a complaint against them because they did not receive a refund or their product.

Go for it.

Beauty Nail Care

the wonders of makeup! There are not any ugly women!!!

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