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October 04, 2007



Oh my God. See I knew we had a bond! ;)
I thought I was the only one with the "Hard Target" love. My favorite part is Van Damme punching the giant snake in the head and "knocking it out" so that it falls on one of the bad guys later. So classic. It's amazing that the director of "The Killer" and "Hard Boiled" could also make that amazingly shitty movie.
Sorry for the tangent!! Thanks for recapping this so I could reserve my eyes for better programming! :)

Catherine Cantieri

"Hard Target" is just freakin' hypnotic, isn't it? How does Van Damme's hair stay so damn MOIST the whole time?!

Dr. Beevomit

Good grief, did I ever miss you and your recaps. I was howling at Bret's "Ed McMahon" moments - I was almost expecting a transition back to a late 80s SNL skit, in which Bret would tell Heather "you are correct, SIR!" Then again, there are so many things about Bret that scream 80s that I'm surprised I'm not assaulted constantly by images of Bret as various pop culture phenomena from that era. I love your dating of the various 80s epochs that Bret's different looks evoke. Perhaps my favorite association with Bret and the 80s comes from Wilford Brimley's "diabeetus" chorus to "Rock Me Amadeus", which can be found here:

In my mind, this came down to "Old and Busted" vs. "New Hotness", a la Men In Black II. I like that dichotomy so much that I've been having a miniature obsession with it over the past few days. But I digress. I squee'd when I saw your Solomonic reference - though there have been intimations that Heather's "I would love to" response was just the result of clever editing, according to her MySpace page: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=37750266&blogID=314934540


This show was a disappointment on so many levels. I'm looking forward to the return of "I Love New York" and "Flavor of Love". Bring back the real crazies!


Uh - is Heather a woman?

She looks pretty hard.


"It's that he pronounces the name of his medical condition the same way Wilford Brimley does."
HAHAHAHA I thought that was hilarious. I started reading your blog right after you took your hiatus and I have to say that your perspective on these insane reality shows that I sit around and subject myself to is awesome. The world is coming to an end. Love your blog.


I freaking love this shitty series... Your recap was good, funny. I about cried at the Solomon part!

Also, I live in Indianapolis. It's not an asshole, it's an armpit. No shit, just hairy smells.

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