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October 02, 2007



So sad she turned into such a train wreck, not like we didn't see it coming for awhile. I hope, however, for the sake of the kids that are now safely out of insanity's way (yikes, I said that knowing they are with K-fed), that she gets her sh*t together and stops the madness. Somehow, I doubt it....

Dr. Beevomit

You simply could not pay me enough to provide therapy to this poor woman. Even if I were licensed to do so, she's in a freefall of her own making, and she shows no signs of hitting rock bottom yet. That's right, she's still got a looooong way to go before she smacks against the pavement of reality. At this point, girl could outskank most of the FoL and RoL girls. Maybe put together. I'll scream if she drops dookie in front of the paparazzi.

The scariest part of all of this is that K-Fed looks like the more competent parent. By far. The man who left the mother of his second child while she was 8 months pregnant. And who thinks he's the next coming of Vanilla Ice. And who was Britney's corrupter, as documented in "Chaotic." This, *this* is the parent so clearly superior to Brit-Brit that (in a judicial system that typically favors giving custody to the mom) gave him full physical custody. If e'er there were kids in need of prayers, them's be it.


I'm going to wax sickeningly sympathetic for a minute. I think that she is one of those that got too much too fast. When she was pushed into being a sexpot at 16, I knew nothing good could come of it. And yes, those poor kids. With a choice between Britney as a mother and K-Fool as a father, I fear those lads are doomed.

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