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October 16, 2007



AGGGGGGHHHHHHH! You're my favourite blogger! But, congratulations on the MBA, and I wish you really good luck. Thank you so much for the hilarious work you've done ... we'll always have archives. I just bought I Love New York Season 1 on DVD, as we still haven't aired it in Canada, and I've been going back and reading your recaps as I watched ... so good. I will miss you so much!


AHH! For me too. But if anyone understands life getting in the way of blogging and other creative pursuits, it's me.
Thanks so much for the fun and I'll really miss you. I'd love it if you'd keep us up to date on the MBA and how you are doing and of course Emily stories! I know that might be pushing it with being in school so I won't hold my breath.
Seriously, take care and know that you'll be missed! Hugs!


Hey, I've never really commented before, but I LOVE your blog. Please, please come back to us!!! Your loyal readers worship you.

And here is a link to a VH1 interview that I just read, proving Jes's ultimate unskankiness. It brings comfort to my previously tortured soul, finally knowing that Jes is truly a good person inside.



Nooooooo!! You are my favorite blogger. Please consider the occasional post about whatever is on your mind. Good luck with you MBA.


I agree with Casey! We'll settle even for an occasional stream of consciousness posting! Don't bother with the screen caps if that's what's causing all the problems ... I still haven't even absorbed this. Know that your fans are hardcore. As they say on "The Wire": "Believe." I can't even fathom that I won't get to hear what you thought of New York describing a contestant as "a pinto bean with eyes". Nooooooooo ....


p.s. Just so you know, me and my fellow Flav & NY fans still use your "Shut up, Carl Weathers" and "Whatever, Lambchop" lines all the freaking time.



This makes me sad!!!!

You're always welcome to write a guest post for Rancho Sudiegirl, my friend.


sad face.


Not reading this! No!

Funny, thing, though. As I was watching ILNY2 I thought "this is... there's a limit, right? A limit to immersing onesself in stupidity. And not just the stupidity of popular culture but the stupidity of interwebs idicocracy, too. I wonder when C'll reach her limit?"

And I guess the answer to that is "already".

I do hope it's not permanent, for real. I took a few weeks off, too, for a variety of reasons mostly related to dealing with evil cow-orkers, and my sincerest wish is that your departure will be reassigned to "hiatus".



I'm sorry to hear this. Throw us a bone once in awhile, will ya? ;)


We will miss you. Stop in every one in a while.
"They always pull me back in!"



Nothing new to add, really. Just wanted to let you know that you will be missed, and any breadcrumb tossed this way is welcome if you do decide to post again.


So sad... will miss you terribly! Like others have said, we'll take the crumbs, and be thrilled anytime that you leave them for us!

Good luck with everything that you do!

Dr. Beevomit

Oof. And thus does VH1 lose another viewer whose patronage was gained by a search for T. Weed, the psychopath from ILNY 1 - and stumbled across your blog. Nevertheless, I again understand the need to attend to real life. In fact, I might use your indefinite hiatus as the impetus to get to the reviews and grant proposals that I've been neglecting. I applaud you for finding balance in your life, even though it means that your readers will have to find something else to occupy their eyeballs.

Rock me, diabeetus!


YOU CAN'T LEAVE!!! I named my dog after you!

No, just joking. I wish you the best. But really, on the honest tip, I didn't give a shit about the pictures and clips from the shows. I just loved your witty repartee!!!!! I am a teacher and have read aloud sections of your blog as examples of satire and multilayered literary criticism! You're an example of metanarrative. You! So who cares if they block your clips! We need to hear your wonderful gift of language.

But alas, I will have to live without you. Boohoo boohoo.



I often think about stopping blogging. But then my stupid rants would just clog up my head and that's already full of s**t.
I would miss you, but I would understand.

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